The UneeQ Platform allows users to interact with a digital human through a browser or mobile device. These access channels send video and / or audio data to the Platform which then performs a number of functions before sending a transcript of the user's interaction (including some additional metadata) to the conversation platform which has been integrated.

The conversation platform contains the logic and content which determines how the digital human should reply to the user. The Platform synthesises the appropriate audio and renders video data in real-time and then send that data through to the access channel where the user can receive it.

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Desktop and mobile browser

The Platform supports users interacting with digital humans through the web browser on their desktop or mobile phone.

UneeQ's Hosted Experience allows you to deploy a digital human experience onto your website in minutes.

UneeQ also makes available the uneeq-js SDK. This route allows you to build from scratch and integrate an experience into your website / web application you control and deploy according to your standards. The SDK facilitates communication between that web application and the Platform.

Mobile applications

Users can also interact with your digital human within your mobile app. Our uneeq-js SDK allows you integrate a digital human experience into your iOS and Android applications.