Conversation platform integrations

UneeQ's platform allows any 3rd party conversation platform to be integrated using its conversation platform integration API. These platforms can be any commercial cloud service (e.g. Google Dialogflow CX and ES, Microsoft Bot Framework, Amazon Lex), or, any customer developed service or orchestration layer that adheres to a required API specification.

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Built-in conversation platform integrations

We provide built-in integrations to the following conversation platforms, without the need for any development. Select your conversation platform below to get started.

  • Amazon Lex | Get started with Lex >
  • Google Dialogflow ES | Get started with Dialogflow ES > 
  • IBM Watson Assistant V1 | Contact your Customer Success representative, or email help@uneeq.com for assistance connecting your integration.

Bring Your Own conversation platform

Any conversation platform can be integrated with your digital human by following our API specifications. Our example integration offers services to get you up and running quickly with Dialogflow CX, IBM Watson Assistant V2 and Wolfram Alpha among others.

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