Google Dialogflow ES

Your Persona can be configured to connect to a Google Dialogflow ES agent without any development being required in UneeQ Creator. If you don't have access to the Creator, please contact your Customer Success representative, or email help@uneeq.com for assistance connecting your integration.

Connect Dialogflow ES in UneeQ Creator

In UneeQ Creator, edit the Persona you wish to connect to Dialogflow ES. Selecting Dialogflow ES in the Conversation Platform drop down will present you with the following fields.

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Project Id
Your Dialogflow Agent's Project ID. To find this, click the Settings button for your Dialogflow agent from within the Dialogflow console.
Select the language you have configured for your Dialogflow agent from the drop down list. In your Dialogflow console, click the Settings button for your Dialogflow agent and open the Languages tab to see your configured language.
Service Account Private Key File
Required in order to sign the requests made to Dialogflow ES on your behalf. To get this file, click the Settings button for your Dialogflow agent, and click on your Google Project ID to open your Google Cloud console. From here, follow Google's documentation to enable the API for your project, then create a service account and download your private key file.When creating your service account, ensure you select the Dialogflow API Client role. We take the security of your Private Key File seriously. We encrypt this key when you upload the file, and these credentials cannot be seen in Creator.
(JSON file)

Once you have connected your Dialogflow ES agent, you can test your conversation by selecting Try on the Personas screen.

⚠️ Note:

If you are not receiving a response from your digital human, and see an PermissionDenied desc = IAM permission 'dialogflow.sessions.detectIntent' on <<project name>> denied error in the console, please ensure you have created a service account with the Dialogflow API Client role assigned.

Using Dialogflow ES

Intent Responses

Requests your users make to your Persona while in conversation will be sent to your agent to be matched to an Intent. The Intent Response is used to define how your digital human speaks to your users in reply.

Use the Text Reponse field to define what you want your digital human to speak:

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Use the Custom Payload field to define any instructions you wish to pass with the spoken response, if required:

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