Hosted experience overview

UneeQ offers a simple method to integrate your digital human into your website, through Hosted Experience. All you need to get started, is to add a code snippet into your web app.

You’ll then be able to customize how your digital human is presented in your website, how your digital human will interact with your users, and what content you want to display in your experience.

Getting started

Layout Modes

Full Screen

Provides for a highly engaging digital human interaction, with plenty of space for content you'd like to pass through in support of the experience.

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Designed as an optional assistant, accompanying your users through their primary interaction with your website experience.

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Split Screen

Designed for process based experiences, where your digital human is prominently featured alongside a website you've built to assist your users as they progress through your content.

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Driving digital human speech

Conversation driven

All views provide an out of the box UI which supports conversational experiences, where your digital human speech is driven by verbal or written inputs from the end user. Conversational interactions are highly engaging, but do require a more robust conversation platform.

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Experience driven

Modal and Split Screen views have been designed so digital human speech can also be driven by your user's interaction with your website, providing a highly optimised, user-friendly experience that also allows your conversation platform to be much simpler, as you won't need to design for all the things your users might ask in a conversational experience.

Upon a user action, or any other trigger you define in your website, you can use the uneeqAsk method to pass a desired string to your conversation platform. This platform will match this string to an intent, which determines what your digital human will speak and display in response to your user's action.

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Getting started