Displaying content

Supporting content

Hosted Experience provides an interface for rendering HTML content that can support your digital human experience. This content should be provided in your conversation platform's intent response through the displayHTML platform instruction.

Supporting content accompanying an intent response will continue to be displayed to users until the user minimises the supporting content box, or until it is replaced by new content through another intent response.

You can see examples of how this is provided for Dialogflow ES and Lex.


Note: Content within the html property is stringified, so this content must be escaped.

Displaying HTML & CSS content

HTML & CSS may be included in your html instruction and will be rendered inside the content area.

Example of content displayed in Overlay layout mode.
Example of content displayed in Overlay layout mode.

Javascript content

For security reasons, Javascript will be removed from the provided html and not executed within your website, or inside the content area. There are some exceptions however; the following methods may be securely executed as part of onclick events:




<button onclick="uneeqAsk('question 1')">Question 1</button>


<button onclick="uneeqEndSession()">End Session</button>


<button onclick="uneeqSetShowUserInputInterface(true)">Show Input</button>